Science, concepts and ideas.  They inspire us to imagine what our world could look like.  Sadly, so many potential innovations fail to deliver their promise.  Not because they are ill conceived.  They fail from insufficient attention during implementation.

Implement to Impact is a blog dedicated to sharing ideas about translating knowledge into action.  We cut through the jargon and mind-numbing fodder.  Providing only practical advice on what has been shown to work.

So, who would benefit from this blog?  Well, teams tasked with implementing scientific guidelines into the workplace would find us helpful.  So would city officials who return from a conference with ideas to improve their community.  Teachers, inventors, researchers, small entrepreneurial start-ups, and civic groups will benefit too.

Who owns this blog and what is their agenda?  David LaCombe is a healthcare innovation executive.  Over a period of 25 years, he worked in diverse settings such as pre-hospital emergency medicine systems, academic medical centers, and private industry.  David’s insights on change management, translational science, operations and sustainability are sought by private and public agencies.  His agenda is simple – help people and organizations achieve their vision.

Collaboration, inquiries and interviews: Send emails to davidmlacombe@gmail.com

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